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Sark: 6oz cuts

Hoards Dairyman Farm Creamery

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Pre-cut and wrapped Sark butterkase cheese around 6 oz. Looking to buy over 12? Cases discounts are available.

Product description


Creamy, buttery, mild and versatile are words that quickly come to mind when describing our Sark, butterkäse-style cheese.  Named for the channel island of Sark, this golden delight’s origin is in the alpine region of Germany and Switzerland but it knows no borders today.

Our rich Guernsey milk gives this mild cheese a near decadent melt-in-your-mouth creaminess.  Did we say versatile?  This cheese will improve just about anything it touches from soups, omelets, pastas and steamed vegetables, to sauces, sandwiches or your next cheese tray.  Some old-world cooks even add it to their strudel.  As Sark ages it is able to be spread at room temperature, opening up another world of possibilities.

Try slicing and serve with prosciutto and olives on sourdough with grapes, plums or melon on the side.  A Chardonnay or Riesling will pair well too, but it’s just as comfortable with your favorite lager or even a spot of brandy.

Master cheese makers are handcrafting Sark exclusively from the award-winning Guernsey milk produced on the historic Hoard’s Dairyman Farm.

Product specifications

Milk Type Cow Milk
Point of Origin Fort Atkinson, WI, USA
Rennet Vegetarian (Microbial)
Cheese Type Butterkäse
Cheese Age less than 2 months
Raw Milk No
Organic Yes

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