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Daybreak Seaweed

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Our Wild Nori flakes are a savory, mineral-rich seasoning that can be sprinkled on anything from popcorn to rice for a nourishing and umami-filled kick. The base of gomasio or furikake, these nori flakes can be mixed with your favorite spices and seasonings to make a blend … or used on their own like a special finishing salt.

Product description


Made with 100% Wild Mendocino Nori. Hand-harvested, toasted, and ground, this jar of pure nori seaweed is a tasty and nutritious addition to your kitchen.

Net weight 0.5 oz (14 g) each jar

Ingredients: Wild California Nori (Pyropia )

We hand-harvest our seaweed from the shores of northern Mendocino County in the early mornings of summer low-tides. Straight from the ocean and dried in the sun, our seaweed is processed to maximize nutrients and minimize carbon footprint. We are committed to sustainable harvesting techniques and make sure to harvest in a way that allows the seaweed to regenerate, ensuring the abundance and diversity of this mineral rich wild food for years to come.

Try nori flakes in one of the following recipes:

Nori Butter

Nori Popcorn

Furikake on Avocado

Flourless Nori Brownies

Product specifications

Vegan Yes
Gluten Free Yes

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